Tuesday, 16 March 2010

runner up!

well i had a bit of good news yesterday, i found out i was runner up in the making jewellery magazine forum, february bracelet competion and am now the proud owner of a set of sharpie markers (well i will be when they arrive). this may not sound like a lot but its the first time i've ever entered a piece of my jewellery into a competition and to do well in it has given me such an ego boost.

this is the piece i entered
i've always been more into bead weaving, but have discovered that with bead weaving i can create my own designs, unlike weaving where i seem to be doing other peoples or adapting them. for the moment i think i may be sticking with the embroidery and have a few ideas mulling around in my head waiting to be created

Monday, 15 March 2010

new begginings

well, this is the start of a new era, i'm joining the technical age and having a blog! i've had one before but i never used it properly and can't remember the password or anything.

some of you may know me from old some are new friends and some may just be passing by, whoever you are feel free to stop and relax a while, this blog will mainly cover my jewellery making, but i may also go off tangent and waffle on about the day job etc.

a bit of background info is required i guess.
my name is ruth i was born 24th october 1980 in loftus, cleveland, uk. i moved to tyneside in 1999 and onto cheshire in 2006 where i am currently working at a train station to fund my beading addiction.

i've always been into making thing (mess and trouble mainly) but started playing with beads properly just over a year ago after walking round a corner and spotting a local bead shop i never knew existed (and still remains my favourite bead shop). in the past year i've done simple stringing and more structural bead weaving and am currently exploring the bead embroidery path after a class at my local bead group.

i have a few ideas in the pipeline and i shall keep you updated with the progress as and there is any

speak soon