Tuesday, 13 July 2010

new house, new beginings

well as some of you may know, i've been busy over the past couple of weeks moving house, my other half Richard and i have just started renting our first home together, so we've been busy getting the new place sorted out. i love the new place it has a proper homely feel about it made even more so by Lenny, Richards black lab finally being able to join us.

and the new home means more space, which means i have my very own room to bead in (its the box room so not much good for anything else lol) so i am trying to get my creative juices flowing in there but its a very slow dribble rather than a flow, mainly beacuse Lenny keeps coming in especially to fart, bless him.

i have finished one piece in the new room and i entered it into a challenge on the bead buddies forum the theme was africa and it won! so i now have to set the next challenge, i think i know what i'm going to have as my theme but i'm not sure how people will react to it, but i guess thats part of the challenge. but what do i offer as a prize?? for my prize i get to commision a piece of polymer clay (have asked the very nice lady if she will create the focal for my egyptian piece i mentioned a while back as my effort was pathetic), but we have some seriously talented beaders on that forum, why would they want a piece of my beading? hmmmm will have to give the prize some thought, suggestions greatly recieved.
right i'd best get back to the beading, i'm attempting my first ever peyote beaded bead, its not gone so well so now i'm adding bits to make it look like a pom pom but its taking forever lol