Monday, 23 May 2011

introducing.... blue fairy designs

well this is the last in the current series spotlighting fellow creative types i hope you enjoyed it, if you want to see more please let me know. but who have we got this time?

we have helen of blue fairy designs yet another talented lady, who does more than dabble with glass! visit her website to see some amazing glassy creations, including jewellery, coasters, bowls and wall art, for all you facebook people you can also find her here. here are a few of my favourite pieces


Large art panels


Ivy League

i could spend hours posting pics of her work as i've not seen a bit i don't like. i hope you visit her website and the other artisits i've featured.

well i best go an do some beading so i have something to write about myself next time lol

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

introducing.... kitzbitz art glass

well this blog is a few days late, due to various reasons but here it is better late than never.

so who have we got today??? well its the boss lady, Jolene. Jolene organised this blog ring (so i better be nice, not that i could say a bad thing about her, she's lovely) over on the craft pimp forum which she also runs; how she finds the time is beyond me but i'm glad she does.

so what does Jolene do? well predominantly she's a lampworker and sells her work on etsy as kitzbitz where you can find a selection of her beads, and not just her amazing glassy creations but also her polymer clay beads which are equally stunning.

these beads are polymer clay inspired by a babies blanket. and the design is clay as well not painted!!!

Tattoo beads

these beads are "lampies", i love the colour in them, very warming, very me


Jolene doesn't just sell the finished products either, she has a lampwork supply business over on etsy fritnchips selling various, frits, shards, twitsies and mojo boxes used to create the various effects you see on lampwork beads.

here are a few of my other favourites of hers:




and last but not least...

Lady Garden Beads

and for those with good eyesight, yes that is what they are

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

introducing...... hazel of hazelbhandweaver!!!

and she's not a beader, lampworker or nothing like that!!! its even more exciting, hazel is a weaver! i don't know anybody else that weaves so its been really interesting seeing her stuff on the craftpimp forum and boy oh boy is it amazing!!!

hazel started out as a spinner, but the weaving bug bit hard and she rarely does this now, although when you see the pics of the weaving she does, i'm sure you will agree it was worth sacrificing the spinning for. i'm just in awe of this womans work, and Richard (the boyfriend) if you are reading this, yes i would like one :-)

Hazel does her weaving in her home and studio in Wales on amazing looms, the big one:Main loom this beauty takes about 10 hours to set up!! talk about dedication, and is used for weaving damask

16 shaft loom this one is for making more complex designs

small loomand this is the baby loom used for making samples and scarves,

the mind boggles at how intricate the looms themselves are. i guess i should actually show you some of the items hazel makes but its so difficult trying to pick out some favourite pieces as they truely are all stunning but i'll give it my best shot

Summer Garden i love the colours in this one, so vibrant.

Trio of scarves a fine example of the different designs that can be achieved (don't ask me how, but its impressive isn't it)

Violet nights and last but not least this beauty, its hand dyed silk with merino fibre laid over it, and they are then felted together. WOW

hazel will be at the beaumauris festival from 27/05/11-30/05/11 if you want to see her work in person if you cant get there here is the link to her website so you can see (and hopefully buy, yes richard i'm talking to you again) more amazing wraps and scarves hazelbhandweaver

Sunday, 1 May 2011

introducing.... silvergems designs

well folks its time yet again to point a spotlight at another talented member of the craftpimp forum, and this week i am pleased to introduce Gemma, of silvergems designs.

now i confess to only discovering Gemma's work since joining craft pimp, but by heck she has done some nice stuff! Gemma is a lampworker who also makes jewellery pieces and sells items over on etsy

here are a few of my favourite piece that i've spotted on her flickr account:

i love this bracelet its just screams touch me!!!

Beaded shaggy loops bracelet

Gemma reckons this isn't perfect as its a first attempt, wonder if she'll send it to me for a closer inspection cos i think it looks perfect and could certainly use it in some bead embroidery

First ever Cabochon

and if you are a fan of big hole beads check out these beauties, don't the colours just scream summer at you

Big Hole Beads

well after looking at those i have an urge for a cocktail with an umbrella in it, wonder what i can find in the kitchen to make it happen.

for more info on Gemma's work why not pop over to her facebook page and keep track of whats happening over there!/SilverGemsDesigns?sk=wall

speak soon!