Thursday, 28 October 2010

take one bag of beads

hello again, i think I'm getting into the hang of this regular blogging malarkey.

well today was my monthly bead club meeting (its nice to enjoy a bit of a social side to a relatively solitary hobby) and it was the day our challenge pieces were judged. what happens is every now and then we get given a random selections of beads (everyone gets similar styles and amounts) and basically we have to create something with them over a couple of months, and someone who didn't partake or the lady from the local bead shop judges them and a little prize is given to 1st, 2nd and third
here are my efforts

as you can see the beads were a selection of Czech glass beads in autumnal shades. i didn't win but I'm not surprised after seeing some of the other entries. I'm more of a bead weaver but i really struggled to picture what to do with them in that respect, i should have thought about embellishment and using them to jazz something up. the winners did think of that, unfortunately i didn't take any pictures.
but it does make you think about how different people see different things, even colours can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a piece, 3 ladies today were working on the same pattern but they were all using completely different colours and each piece as a result looked completely different, i think i shall be exploring the use of colour a bit more in the coming months to learn what works with what and why so bear with me if the blogs get a bit technical

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


those of you who know me in real life will know that i am not a girly girl, and that i really don't like the colour pink very much (yes i know i own a pink shirt but it looks good with my blue jeans OK), well a friend of mine was looking at pictures of things i have made on face book and asked me to make something for her daughter. sure i said what do you have in mind? a set in pink and silver, she really likes pink. at this point in time my brain starts to really struggle with the concept of pink, i don't even own any pink beads! so after a bit of a chat via email i learn that my friends daughter is really into dancing, of all styles, which makes me start thinking about something she could wear to her competitions etc. in fact it just gets me thinking full stop.

there were lots of things to consider, the girl in question is only 8 so is she going to appreciate a piece of bead woven jewellery, what size should i make the items do i need to make them adjustable so they can "grow" with her. (i know less about children than i do about pink).

so after a while i decided to do a couple of things., I'd seen a pattern in a magazine that i was dying to have a go at which could also be modified to make it my own, which would be a piece that could be worn at the competitions, but i also decided to step out of my comfort zone and do a set of more modern standard style jewellery (for want of a better description).

both pieces turned out well but in the end i stuck to the pattern of the costume piece so couldn't really sell that (trying to play by the rules here, taking it all very seriously now, especially as I've started designing my own stuff) and thankfully the mother really liked the set i made so we decided on that piece. so i guess I've just had another commission as its all been paid for and sent to its new home, and another friend saw the work in progress pictures and has asked for a similar set herself! i could get used to this lol.

pink ruffles: the one I'm keeping

and the set I've sent to its new home (i hope she likes it)

now does anybody have any ideas on what i can use 100g of pink seed beads for, i appear to have some left over!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

bit of a catch up

Hi folks,

as usual its been a while since my last post, but that's been because I've been finishing pieces off so have had nothing to post.

The first piece is from a kit i purchased at a show in September, as some of you may know I've been enjoying dabbling in bead embroidery but have never tried to do a bib or collar as I've been unsure of the sizing. well i treated myself to a kit By Alison Nash to get an idea of the sizing and also how long it would take. I can tell you it takes a long time!

the black background itself took about 9 hours of solid beading, and that was just filling in the gaps so I'd say it took approximately 20 hours to complete from start to finish.

a slightly closer look at the beading. The beads used were primarily size 11 seed beads with a few size 15 to in the little gaps. I have to say it was a nice kit to complete even though i did have some issues with running out of various beads, but a quick email to Alison soon sorted that out for me. So will i be making any more piece similar to this?
Too right I will!! watch this space.

I'll post some more tomorrow (hopefully)

Monday, 4 October 2010

its been a while

Hi folks,

its been a while since i posted anything, not because i've not been beading more a case of can't be bothered to go and sit upstairs at the computer in the bead room where there is no tv (i'm a tv junkie, and i wonder why i've been putting on weight) i've been doing my beading on a lap tray whilst sitting on the sofa watching diagnosis murder and the like. Well since my last post i did get paid for the commision i did and was even paid a bit extra because of the wait so i've put the money to one side to take to the bead fair up in Harrogate on the 24th (my birthday, the big 30) to buy some lovely beady goodies.

as for beading i've been working on i did a piece from the current bead and button magazine as soon as it came out and i love the result:

this is the first flat peyote cuff i'd done for ages and it set me thinking. As some of you may know i've been entering a couple of competitions through forums, which has lead me to designing some small bits of peyote, so i figured i'd try and design a cuff, especially as the bead buddies forum was running a cuff challenge. Here is the result:

Its a celtic knot pattern worked in delicas and i'm really chuffed with the results, the colours i used were picked at random out of my bead stash but they really work with this piece. i charted the pattern by hand when i was at work during a quiet shift using pen and paper, which was a bit frustrating and resulted in a lot of crossing out until i got the hang of the pattern. it didn't win the challenge but second place is not to be sneezed at.

hope you've enjoyed the read