Monday, 30 August 2010

another challenge piece

Have entered this piece for the bead buddies forum pass it forward challenge, the theme this time round was "alice in wonderland".
I decided on the cheshire cat as he is an iconic character of the story. I have sticthed him using peyote stitch using a pattern i charted out myself, i'm still very new to charting my own peyote patterns but i'm happy with the result. some of the other beads i've used are to symbolise elements of the story too such as the large heart bead, represents the queen of hearts, the flowers are to represent the talking flowers in the garden where alice meets the catterpillar and there is also a rose bead to represent the roses that the cards were painting red. The other beads are just to make it look pretty and i think it does.
This was a great challenge as it had loads of possibilities and after researching on the internet i learnt an awful lot about the book and its author, i could ramble on but thats not what this blog is about, well actually reading the titile i guess it is, but i'm not in the mood to bore you today.
I learnt a very good lesson the other day, although i do my beading as a hobby, i do like to sell the odd piece as well, and i thought i was onto a winner when one of my friends asked me to make her 3 necklaces, it was for a birthday present for another friend and it was a very tight deadline, so didn't have time to sort out a deposit or anything and i figured as it was for a friend i'd be ok WRONG!!! i'm still chasing up the payment a fortnight later, i know some of you may be saying you shouldn't have handed over the necklaces until payment had been received etc, but if i'd done that somebody wouldn't have got a birthday present (as it needed to be posted) and i would have felt really bad about that. And of course now that i am waiting for money i've had loads of bills come in such as car insurance and needing new brakes on the car and an interest hike on the credit card. So the lesson is even if its for a friend remember to get the money before handing over goods. but never mind, you learn from your mistakes.
hopefully be back with another instalment very soon