Thursday, 29 April 2010

beaders block

sorry i've not been around much, but i've not really had anything to say, well nothing bead related anyway. i've had a serious case of beaders block.

but in other news....
Rich my other half started his new job this week, which is a great relief to both of us as he was made redundant in october, so he's now at my place pretty much permanently as its a closer commute for him (its very strange seeing blokes shirts in my wardrobe but i like it) and we are now looking for a place together.

i got a lovely package of unwanted beads from a jewellery making friend the other day was surprised at how many actually and there will be a little something winging its way back to her made out of the said beads as a thank you, i'm dying to post a picture of it but i want it to be a surprise. so if anybody else has any unwanted seed beads feel free to send them in my direction lol.

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