Tuesday, 17 May 2011

introducing.... kitzbitz art glass

well this blog is a few days late, due to various reasons but here it is better late than never.

so who have we got today??? well its the boss lady, Jolene. Jolene organised this blog ring (so i better be nice, not that i could say a bad thing about her, she's lovely) over on the craft pimp forum which she also runs; how she finds the time is beyond me but i'm glad she does.

so what does Jolene do? well predominantly she's a lampworker and sells her work on etsy as kitzbitz where you can find a selection of her beads, and not just her amazing glassy creations but also her polymer clay beads which are equally stunning.

these beads are polymer clay inspired by a babies blanket. and the design is clay as well not painted!!!

Tattoo beads

these beads are "lampies", i love the colour in them, very warming, very me


Jolene doesn't just sell the finished products either, she has a lampwork supply business over on etsy fritnchips selling various, frits, shards, twitsies and mojo boxes used to create the various effects you see on lampwork beads.

here are a few of my other favourites of hers:




and last but not least...

Lady Garden Beads

and for those with good eyesight, yes that is what they are

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  1. Lol...my eye sight is good!..what a lovely write up!..;o)