Wednesday, 8 June 2011

all systems.... stop

well its been a funny old time since i last posted, now that the blog ring has finished (until i join another one, because it was good fun) i guess i should blog about what i've been up to. well the week before last i had a right little production line going (i like working late shifts, gives me a bit of extra time to bead between customers, but don't tell the boss) and created several bracelets





i also made a ring


which was fun, mainly because the instructions are in japanese


and since then i've not really done anything (well there are a couple of pieces but i need to photograph them, plus it gives me something to show you in the next blog)

i have decided though that i will start listing stuff for sale over on folksy i am just in the process of working out all the ins and outs and getting better pics etc, and along with that there will be a facebook page as well. so its a case of watch this space.


  1. Go Ruthie go :O) I love your bracelets and good luck with Folksy. Blog ring sounds interesting, whats that? x

  2. the blog ring was over on the craftpimp forum, those that wanted to join in put our names down and were each allocated a week, when your week came up everybody wrote a blog about you, was really fun writing about other people and seeing what they wrote about you