Wednesday, 21 March 2012

erm i'm still here honest

I'm ever so sorry that I've been absent for such a long time. life just keeps on getting in the way as I'm sure many of you will understand. To make it up to you there will be a beady giveaway at the end of this blog.

So what has been going on? Well i still work for the railway, although redundancy is a possibilty (we were first told of this over a year ago, and trying to stay positive and hopeful for so long is starting to take its toll if truth be told). I am still with my wonderfull boyfriend Richard (although I don't call him wonderful when he is tickling me!) Lenny the labrador is still with us (yet another cause of stress but we still love him despite everything) and we now have a marine fish tank, but alas yesterday one of the fish jumped out of the tank and committed suicide.

I'm still trying to lose that blasted 2 stone in weight I want shifting, and its becoming a necessity as come summer not many of my clothes are going to fit. So i've changed gym to one closer to home which is a pay as you go basis and I'm trying to go 3 times a week, i actually should have been there today but I've been doing admin at home.

and what beady stuff have i been doing since i last posted? well the main bit was Lynn Davy's warrior rings necklace that was published in Beadwork Magazine last autumn. I knew Lynn was publishing this design through following her work on various bits of the interweb and i just had to make it when it came out. Richard bought me the materials to make it as a birthday pressie (i told you he was wonderful), and this is how it turned out

i've made a few other pieces as well but i can't be telling you everything all at once now can i?

over at pintail jewellery we are nearly at 100 "likers" and I would love to reach it (and more) so to help here is the giveaway prize:

As spring is finally trying to arrive (although I've not seen any lambs yet) i have made a tuppeny daisy in bright and vibrant sunflower colours which will go to one lucky person. All i ask you to do is leave a comment telling me your favourite flower. I shall draw the lucky persons name out of a hat on Wednesday March 28th at 6pm bst (apparently the clocks change this weekend, good job i checked or I'd be late for work on sunday).


  1. I love your necklace, and know that Lynn Davy thought you were a geni-arse in making it...I know 'cause she told me ;O) Pants on losing the fishie :O( and yayyyy to Lenny being a good boy!! Now my favourite flower is.....the old fashioned rose, the big blousey ones with a good sniffy smell.

    Laney x

  2. I'll go in the hat with Laney! My favourite flower is the snowdrop...for letting me know spring is on its way!

  3. Love the warrior necklace and the tuppenny flower. My favourite flower is Daffodil - the symbol for Wales and such a smiley looking flower.

  4. Hey Ruth! Just popping by from OTTBS to say hello. How amazing is that necklace? *swoon*