Sunday, 5 January 2014

hello 2014 and all you may throw at me

Right then,
its been a heck of a long time since i wrote anything in my blog and I'm really not sure if i can remember how this works so if things look wonky and pictures are in weird places....I'm sorry, I'll figure it out eventually.

I guess i should have reread everything i had written in past posts, but what the heck its been that long its history. So whats new?

I'm hoping to make a bigger commitment to Pintail Jewellery this year, but that's easier said than done, lack of confidence and a full time job are a couple of hurdles i have to overcome, but hey this time last year i was facing redundancy so i should be grateful i still have that income coming in and i am as i really enjoy my job (even if i do like to whinge about it).

First thing i need to do is get a grip of the "beadroom", its a box room at home that i have all my bead storage in and a desk etc so i can work up there.

as you can see....EEEK.  it has become the proverbial dumping ground, as i no longer feel i can work up there when i want to. The reason being...
Lenny!  He's our old boy and he struggles with the stairs and unfortunately has toilet issues, that i would prefer to keep limited to the downstairs.  So I end up beading on the sofa, which is great until i need something, which is upstairs and then his lordship insists on trying to follow me up the stairs which makes me feel guilty.  Needless to say as a result of this not much beading has been done the past few months.

But the plan is to get the room back in action, and use it in the evenings, when Rich my boyfriend is home and can keep Lenny out of mischief.

Well i think I've wittered on enough for you to be going on with, plus i need to leave some stuff to write about for the next instalment.


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  1. awww bless his little paws! You need a stannah stair lift!
    I have a similar issue, hobby room is in the cellar and is not babyproofed whatsoever! SO with a one year old making trouble everywhere I just can't play down there whilst he's awake! x