Wednesday, 19 January 2011

what am i going to do now

i'm at a loss. i've finished my big project i was working on and cant think of anything exciting to do, i've got a little project on the go but its hardly exciting, i need something new to get my teeth into!
some of you may be wondering what i've just finished, actually most of you wont be as most of you are friends on facebook and have seen the in progress photos oh well. but for those of you who don't do facebook, a few months ago (actually its approaching 9) i had the idea of converting a piece of ancient egyptian enamelled jewellery into a piece of beadwork, so that is what i have done. it hasn't taken 9 months to make (about 3 weeks) but it was the scarab i initially had problems with as i am not good at polymer clay, i then managed to get one made for me the very talented caroline (carrie) harvey, but i was too chicken to make a start on it, but in the lull between christmas and new year i took the plunge an this is the result

it is hanging on a twisted tubular herringbone rope which took just as long to make as the pendant, if not longer. i have made the bails on the pendant long enough to slip over the ends of the rope allowing the rope to be worn seperately, as its not everyday you want to wear a pendant thats over 8cm wide.
so thats what i've been doing since the start of the year, i've entered it into the bead buddies quarterly challenge so we'll see how it does in a couple of months, but even if it doesn't do very well (there are some seriously good beaders out there) i'm really proud of my piece.
so come on guys what should i do next????


  1. oooooooh it is a fantastic piece and worthy of a win! I can dig how you feel with regards to the ''where do I go from here?'' sensation. I'm sure inspiration will strike soon though, or at least I'm hoping it will so I have something to drool over and inspire me equally ;)

  2. Hi there,

    I've given you a 'Stylish Blogger Award' because I just love reading your blog. Check out the rules here:


  3. hahaha! I second Donna's emotion, get blogging about your bloggage missus Ramblings! ;)
    I too have awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award, though I'm fairly certain one post covers all nominations :D

  4. oh heck i have only just spotted these "awards" erm right well that gives me something to think about writing next week hmmmmmmmm