Monday, 11 April 2011

introducing smittenkitten

I've not been around much lately, but I've not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Instead I've been networking and learning about other crafters. having recently discovered a new online forum showcasing the work of many UK crafters, i signed up for a blog ring to help promote the work of a few of these very talented people. so here is my first entry:

Nicola of smittenkitten is one of the worlds true crafters, who can turn her hand to anything and do a fantastic job of it. Her work is currently available for sale on dewanda and she has her own website here Although Nicola is English she is currently based in Stuttgart, Germany, where she is living with her fiance and currently planning her wedding (personally i can't wait to see the pics).

Nicola has a very clean and classic style to her products that would suit any occasion

♥ Fiery Dragonfly ♥ Sterling Necklace ♥♥ Angry Birds ♥ Earrings ♥ Yellow ♥
and she's also nifty with a needle and thread, check out the kindle cover she made
Operation Kindle - 12of12
I could spend hours telling you about this talented ladies work but all this creativity has sparked my mojo so i best go and put it to good use.

for all you face book junkies here's a link to Nicola's fan page

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