Wednesday, 27 October 2010


those of you who know me in real life will know that i am not a girly girl, and that i really don't like the colour pink very much (yes i know i own a pink shirt but it looks good with my blue jeans OK), well a friend of mine was looking at pictures of things i have made on face book and asked me to make something for her daughter. sure i said what do you have in mind? a set in pink and silver, she really likes pink. at this point in time my brain starts to really struggle with the concept of pink, i don't even own any pink beads! so after a bit of a chat via email i learn that my friends daughter is really into dancing, of all styles, which makes me start thinking about something she could wear to her competitions etc. in fact it just gets me thinking full stop.

there were lots of things to consider, the girl in question is only 8 so is she going to appreciate a piece of bead woven jewellery, what size should i make the items do i need to make them adjustable so they can "grow" with her. (i know less about children than i do about pink).

so after a while i decided to do a couple of things., I'd seen a pattern in a magazine that i was dying to have a go at which could also be modified to make it my own, which would be a piece that could be worn at the competitions, but i also decided to step out of my comfort zone and do a set of more modern standard style jewellery (for want of a better description).

both pieces turned out well but in the end i stuck to the pattern of the costume piece so couldn't really sell that (trying to play by the rules here, taking it all very seriously now, especially as I've started designing my own stuff) and thankfully the mother really liked the set i made so we decided on that piece. so i guess I've just had another commission as its all been paid for and sent to its new home, and another friend saw the work in progress pictures and has asked for a similar set herself! i could get used to this lol.

pink ruffles: the one I'm keeping

and the set I've sent to its new home (i hope she likes it)

now does anybody have any ideas on what i can use 100g of pink seed beads for, i appear to have some left over!!

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  1. Oh that pink ruffles necklace is to die for *jealous*

    Lisa xoxo