Thursday, 28 October 2010

take one bag of beads

hello again, i think I'm getting into the hang of this regular blogging malarkey.

well today was my monthly bead club meeting (its nice to enjoy a bit of a social side to a relatively solitary hobby) and it was the day our challenge pieces were judged. what happens is every now and then we get given a random selections of beads (everyone gets similar styles and amounts) and basically we have to create something with them over a couple of months, and someone who didn't partake or the lady from the local bead shop judges them and a little prize is given to 1st, 2nd and third
here are my efforts

as you can see the beads were a selection of Czech glass beads in autumnal shades. i didn't win but I'm not surprised after seeing some of the other entries. I'm more of a bead weaver but i really struggled to picture what to do with them in that respect, i should have thought about embellishment and using them to jazz something up. the winners did think of that, unfortunately i didn't take any pictures.
but it does make you think about how different people see different things, even colours can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a piece, 3 ladies today were working on the same pattern but they were all using completely different colours and each piece as a result looked completely different, i think i shall be exploring the use of colour a bit more in the coming months to learn what works with what and why so bear with me if the blogs get a bit technical

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