Monday, 4 October 2010

its been a while

Hi folks,

its been a while since i posted anything, not because i've not been beading more a case of can't be bothered to go and sit upstairs at the computer in the bead room where there is no tv (i'm a tv junkie, and i wonder why i've been putting on weight) i've been doing my beading on a lap tray whilst sitting on the sofa watching diagnosis murder and the like. Well since my last post i did get paid for the commision i did and was even paid a bit extra because of the wait so i've put the money to one side to take to the bead fair up in Harrogate on the 24th (my birthday, the big 30) to buy some lovely beady goodies.

as for beading i've been working on i did a piece from the current bead and button magazine as soon as it came out and i love the result:

this is the first flat peyote cuff i'd done for ages and it set me thinking. As some of you may know i've been entering a couple of competitions through forums, which has lead me to designing some small bits of peyote, so i figured i'd try and design a cuff, especially as the bead buddies forum was running a cuff challenge. Here is the result:

Its a celtic knot pattern worked in delicas and i'm really chuffed with the results, the colours i used were picked at random out of my bead stash but they really work with this piece. i charted the pattern by hand when i was at work during a quiet shift using pen and paper, which was a bit frustrating and resulted in a lot of crossing out until i got the hang of the pattern. it didn't win the challenge but second place is not to be sneezed at.

hope you've enjoyed the read

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